Bund Floors

Bund Floors

Bunded floors are essential to contain spills or leaks from containment tanks but can pose an access challenge for maintenance engineers and will collect debris – especially if outside. Adding a GRP Bund Floor that is level with the surrounding walls creates a trip and slip-free working platform; Access Stairs and Handrails make it even safer.

DeckSafe’s Bund Floors are fabricated using QuartzGrip® Anti-slip Mesh Grating, that sits on a ‘free-standing’ framework made using Universal GRP Structural Profiles. Nothing is drilled into the bund walls potentially compromising their integrity. GRP is waterproof and chemical-resistant so it won’t be damaged in the event of a spill. Every bespoke floor is made to the exact shape and size of your bund and our expert installation teams will ensure a seamless finish.

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