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Discover how DeckSafe's GRP Safety Solutions can help make maintenance manageable.

We were approached by our customer, who like many businesses, needed access to their rooftop in order to reach their service points. Our team had to take into consideration a range of restraints and obstacles, to ensure that their maintenance team would easily be able to work on the rooftop in the future.

DeckSafe's experienced team were able to design and manufacture a bespoke GRP safety solution. Supplying and installing GRP Stairs, GRP Access Platforms and GRP Up & Overs.


  • We visited the site to meet with the client and discuss their needs. 
  • Once our team had identified solutions to all aspects of the project, we were able to survey the site and provide the client with initial sketches.
  • Plans for the GRP Access Stairs, GRP Access Platforms and GRP Up & Overs were drawn up. 
  • Deck Safe's installation team continued to liaise with the client throughout the duration of the installation, to ensure there was very minimal disruption to the day-to-day runnings of the business, and to ensure maximum productivity - which actually resulted in finishing the project ahead of schedule
  • Once the GRP Access Maintenance Solution was installed, we received positive feedback from the client - who were extremely happy with the high level of service they received, as well as the quality of the end product.

Do you need help making your maintenance access more manageable?

Whatever it is you require help with - whether you just need a simple ramp to help you gain access, or a bespoke solution to help you access maintenance your buildings' rooftop, Contact our team today to find out more.

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