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If you are looking for a more traditional look for your Composite Decking, Classic Teak offers a similar aesthetic to wood but without the disadvantages.

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RecoDeck™ grooved teak composite decking boards provides an ideal low maintenance and environmentally friendly outdoor flooring solution. Our WPC decking provides an anti-slip resistance in all weather conditions, whether that be icy, wet or dry, making it family friendly and pedestrian safe – depending on whether it’s for commercial or domestic use.

The teak composite decking boards offer a contemporary timber finish without being actual timber. It is manufactured from natural wood fibres and recycled plastic which gives it the natural feel of wood. Since there is no actual wood there is no risk of splintering which makes it safe for young kids and pets to be on. Our boards are perfect for any domestic project whether it’s to upgrade a balcony, patio area or the area surrounding a swimming pool.

Grooved teak composite decking boards are very quick and easy to install and can be done easily by yourself – so no need to spend extra. You can complete your decking project with trim, screw cap covers and end caps to help cover up any untidy edges and to help give it that complete and contemporary look.

WPC decking is the cost-effective equivalent to timber decking as the upkeep that is required is minimal and the finished product lasts longer.

The grooved decking range is also available in, Black and Light Grey.

Technical Specifications
Recycling and environmental considerations make Composite Decking an attractive proposition and a modern day alternative to traditional materials such as timber. Direct Decking supplies RecoDeck™
which is made from recycled hardwood and plastics. It is CE Certified and fully tested to ensure ISO 9001 compliance. RecoDeck™ looks and feels like wood but out-performs wood in every way.

Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) Material Characteristics
Made from 55% natural wood, 35% Grade ‘A’ Recycled HDPE (Plastic) and 10% additives.

Characteristics Units Test Reference
Density 1.35 g/m3 ASTM D792-08
Tensile Strength 155 kgf/cm2 ASTM D638-08

TYPE I, V = 5 mm/min

Elongation 1.1 %
Impact Strength 7.6 kj ASTM D1037-93
Nail-Head Pull-Through 346 kgf ASTM D1036
Flexural Modulous 2.85 Gpa ASTM D1037-93
Flexural Modulous after UV Aging (1,000 hours & rain) 2.82 Gpa ASTM D1037-93
UV Aging Test Pass ISO 4892-2
Water Absorption (23°C, 24 hours, Increase in Weight) 0.77 % ASTM D570-98 (2005)
Flammability Resistance (Standard) Composition Euro Class Cfl-S1 BS EN 13501-1
Weatherability No Damage MOAT 22
Frost Resistance No Damage DD CEN/TS 772-22:2006
Thermal Expansion 3.8 x 10 - 5 ASTM D1037
Sustainability FSC Certification FSC 100% / Recycled Certification


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