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Grooved Teak Heavy Duty boards look exactly the same as the Standard quality but are solid so are stronger and less flexible. Perfect for outdoor dining areas in a commercial setting where they’ll be in constant use.

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Heavy Duty WPC decking boards look exactly the same as our Standard decking boards but are solid rather than hollow, which means they are stronger and less flexible. They are also quieter. This makes them ideal for commercial settings that may have a heavy pedestrian footfall, such as an outdoor dining area or a park area or spas.

The solidness of these boards also mean it is ideal for use as a base for a hot tub or a large water feature. Heavy duty WPC decking boards are anti-slip in all conditions whether it’s wet, icy or oily. Since it is manufactured from natural wood fibres and recycled plastic (unlike its timber equivalents) it will not splinter which makes it perfect for people who need to walk on it in their bare feet.

These decking boards also have an added polymer coating which makes it less likely to scuff or scratch meaning it will continue to look nice no matter what going on top of it.

Unlike timber, composite decking is long lasting and needs very little maintenance. It will not rot, fade or warp, nor will it need staining, painting or treating. It will only need a clean once or twice a year to keep it looking new and nice.

Our heavy duty WPC decking boards also come in Black and Light Grey.

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