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GRP Fencing

Our GRP fencing is manufactured from our premium-grade fibreglass, making it an excellent alternative to existing steel fencing. GRP fencing is a great way to provide protection and access control particularly around electrical equipment and for the rail industry.

Why GRP Fencing? 

GRP fencing is a long-term solution that can add peace of mind to any site that needs increased security. GRP fencing is best known for its ease of maintenance and its corrosion and rust-resistant properties, making it a smart and risk-free alternative to metal for industrial and commercial projects.
Glass reinforced plastic is a non-conductive property made from polyester resin which is desirable for commercial use due to its durability and strength. Even if a GRP fence is mildly damaged or deformed, it will return to its original shape without workers having to face the cost of repairs or replacements due to its dense fibre core.

Benefits of GRP Fencing 

  • Non-conductive and therefore ideal for the Rail industry
  • Lightweight and therefore easier to install
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant, making it low maintenance
  • Durable in highly intolerable environments
  • Resists chloride attacks such as coastal settings or places with UV exposure
  • Stronger than traditional fencing.

Applications of GRP Fencing

Whatever your business or premises, GRP fencing is an excellent choice to safeguard your business or a particular area. Applications include:

  • Rail industry 
  • Electrical sites 
  • Power utilities
  • Trackside applications 
  • Water treatment works

Is GRP Fencing easy to install?

GRP fencing can be easily installed on-site as the fencing is lighter and more manoeuvrable than steel without any physical strain. This advantage allows you to save time and money with the reduced need for heavy machinery, allowing you to get back to normal faster.


We offer bespoke solutions so we can fabricate fencing that meets your exact requirements, including varying length and width. There are a variety of colour options available, too.
Please note that bespoke fencing has a longer lead time than our other products.
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