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Marina Decking

Our QuartzGrip™ GRP Marina Decking is an anti-slip alternative to traditional wood marina decking. It is manufactured from premium-quality fibreglass, which gives it an anti-slip surface. It is also corrosion and weather-resistant and algae and moss-resistant, which ensures a long product life. Our GRP Marina Decking is available in industry standard 14mm, 22mm, 30mm and 38mm panel thicknesses.

This GRP decking is ideally suited to the marine industry and has been tested in accordance with BS 7976-2 (Co-Efficient of Friction Test). It is suitable for all marine environments, including sailing clubs, yacht harbours, sailing clubs, access bridges, tidal brows, gangways, re-fuelling jetties and others.


Panel Sizes: | 3007 x 1007 x 14mm | 3687 x 1247 x 14mm  | 4047 x 1527 x 22mm  | 4047 x 1247 x 22mm | 3007 x 1247 x 22mm | 3007 x 1007 x 22mm | 4047 x 1247 x 30mm | 3007 x 1007 x 30mm | 4047 x 1247 x 38mm | 3007 x 1007 x 38mm |

Mesh Size: 20 x 20mm (12 x 12mm Internal)
Colour: Grey, Green, Beige, Black, Yellow
Finish: Gritted, 
Delivery: Express (3-5 working days)
Trade: Consignment discounts, RAL colours and installation available

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