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Tactile Flooring

We offer a multitude of tactile flooring, designed to suit your sometimes varied requirements. Our range includes:

QuartzGrip® Anti Slip Tactile Flooring Tiles 
  • Several designs available
  • Highlights both external and internal hazardous areas
  • Suitable for interior or exterior settings
  • The raised tactile flooring is designed to highlight hazards
In-Line Blister Flooring Tiles
  • Warn visually impaired people of hazards
  • Ideal for pedestrian crossing points with a flush edge
Off-set Blister Flooring Tiles
  • Indicate the direction of travel to guide users to public transport, e.g. train
  • Flat-topped domes set in evenly spaced, parallel rows
Corduroy Tactile Flooring
  • Warn visually impaired people of the presence of specific hazards
  • Traditionally used to warn of steps and level crossings
  • Convey that there is a hazard ahead and to proceed with caution
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