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Help prevent unnecessary falls in wet or icy weather by adding Decking Strips. The rough, embedded quartz fragments provide superb traction for passing feet and they won’t wear down, rub off or fade. An affordable, flexible and neat solution to any potentially slippery surface – wood, stone, metal, brick or concrete.

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Anti-slip Grip Strips – pk 10

Anti-slip Grip Strips are an ideal solution for preventing unnecessary slips and falls in wet or icy weather. The embedded quartz fragments help to provide excellent grip underfoot and they won’t wear down, rub off or fade. These strips offer an affordable solution to any potentially slippery surface, whether that be wood, stone, metal, brick or concrete.

Suitable for use on external floors, we stock decking strips in a variety of colours and sizes. We can also pre-drill them from quick and easy installation. All you have to do is glue the strip into position and then screw down using the screws provided – see our video below for more information.

Anti-slip Grip Strips are ideal for use in garden decking, family picnic areas, walkways, pontoons, access ramps, bridges, terraces, promenades and boardwalks. These strips are ideal for helping businesses protect their customers which also makes them perfect for use in shops, bars, pubs, restaurants, schools, care homes, healthcare premises and more. Colour options allow you to choose a colour that contrasts with the colour of the floor to act as a visual warning to a potential slip zone. Supplied in packs of 10.

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This product is manufactured under our ISO 9001-accredited Quality Management System. The structural integrity of the material used in our GRP Anti-Slip Decking Strips is high-grade. They have a suggested lifespan of up to 25+ years – subject to environmental, installation, maintenance, loading and traffic conditions. All our Decking Strips contain a fire-resistant additive and attain a Euro Class 1 fire rating. BS EN ISO 9239-1 and BS EN ISO 11925-2. This product’s performance is equivalent to ASTM E84 Class 1 and BS 476 Part 7, Class 2 flame spread and, in effect, gives a 25-minute burn time.

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