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Tactile flooring is designed to warn visually impaired pedestrians when they are approaching a change in surface underfoot or hazardous areas such as railway platforms, pedestrian crossings and stairs.

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GRP Tactile Paving is used to warm visually impaired pedestrians that they are approaching a change in surface or a hazardous area such as a railway platform, pedestrian crossings or stairs. They are supplied as 400 x 400mm tiles and have Quartzgrip’s anti-slip finish. There are three types of tactile paving:

In-line Blister Paving

Blister paving warns the visually impaired of a road crossing if there is an absence of a curb less than 25mm high. The surface of this paving differentiates where a footway ends and where a carriageway begins. This type of tile allows wheelchair users to cross roads easier.

Off-Set Blister Paving

Off-Set GRP Tactile Paving has flat topped domes which are set in even rows and are parallel to the direction of travel to the train. The surface of this one can be any colour (except red) to help provide a contrast to assist partially sighted people.

Corduroy Paving

Corduroy GRP tactile paving warns of the presence of specific hazards. This includes steps, level crossings or the approach of street light rapid transit (LTR) platforms.

GRP Tactile Paving can be installed to existing walkways using a combination of GRP Adhesive and screws. We stock hazard paving in beige, but other colours can  be produced to order. To discuss your requirements please get in touch.

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