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For use on roof walkways of high buildings as a defence against lightening strikes and in environments where flammable gases or fumes could be ignited by static sparks.

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Our range of standard GRP gratings are non-conductive. However, our GRP conductive grating has an added conductive surface which drains off any unwanted and potentially dangerous static electricity, when properly grounded with copper earthing straps. This type of grating is highly specialised and can produce an electrical resistance of less than 26 kilo ohms per 300mm, all whilst still having the other desirable characteristics of conventional glass reinforced plastic (GRP) grating. You can usually find conductive grating used on roof walkways of high buildings as it provides a defence against lightning strikes and where static sparks could cause problems. These potential environments are high-tech industries, especially ones where static electricity can damage chips and laser discs, etc, facilities where explosive-proof components are specified. You can also find conductive grating in dry environments where static sparks can endanger personnel and lastly other high hazard environments, where gases, solids, flammable liquids or other products can be ignited by a static spark.

DeckSafe’s Quartzgrip® GRP Conductive Grating maintains all the benefits of standard fibre glass grating. Meaning it is still low maintenance, it is still long lasting, it is still slip resistant and it is still corrosion resistant.

We stock this in two different thicknesses and two different sheet sizes.

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We also offer other types of grating including, Concave, Vinyl Ester and Phenolic.

Mechanical Data

  • Elastic Modulus 27 GPa
  • Flexural Strength 2.8 GPa
  • Tensile Strength 650 MPa
  • Compressive Strength 90 MPa
  • Dielectric Strength 18 KW/mm
  • Specific Gravity 1.5 ÷ 1.7
  • Thermal Expansion Factor 13 x 10-6 mm/mm °C
  • Water Absorption 0.1% + 0.3% x 24 hours (ISO R62)
  • Operating Temperature -100°C to + 180°C

Physical Data

Grating Depth (mm)

Grating Pitch (mm) Bar Thickness Per 300mm of Width No. of Bars per 300mm % Glass Content Weight (kg/m2) % Open Area


Bottom cm2 cm3 cm4

EL kg/m2


38 6.5 5.5 11.5 4.91 6.24 119 8 32 12 69


38 6.5 5.5 17.6 10.6 21.38 275 8 32 18.2



50.8 7.9 6.4 20.1 16.8 42.8 6 32 21.7


Manufacturing Tolerances

  • Standard Panel Size = +2mm, -0mm
  • Cut Panel Size = ±3mm
  • Thickness = ±1mm
  • Mesh Pattern = ±0.5mm