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The original GRP Open Mesh Floor Grating, suitable for use in commercial and industrial environments, including walkways, riser floors, platforms, wash bays, work stations, drains, gullies, stairs, ramps and pontoon decking. Stocked in a wide range of sizes and colours.

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QuartzGrip® GRP Open Mesh Floor Grating helps to prevent slips, trips and falls in a variety of hazardous commercial and industrial environments. This includes, walkways, platforms, stairs, ramps, mobile access platforms, pontoon decking and more. GRP Grating can also be used as sump-covers, well covers and drain covers.

QuartzGrip® GRP mesh flooring can provide more corrosion resistance than steel products do and GRP panels cost less than stainless steel products.

QuartzGrip GRP Open Mesh Grating has many benefits. These are;

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Maintenance-free
  • High-strength
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Anti-slip
  • Long-lasting

We can cut the grating to any size and it has a hard-wearing angular quartz grit finish that gives excellent anti-slip properties in a range of weather conditions, this includes wet, oily and icy. Our standard mesh grating have either a 38mm or 50mm pitch, this leaves holes that catch larger items and debris (we offer Mini Mesh Grating and Micro Mesh Grating if you require smaller holes.). GRP Open Mesh Flooring are made using isophthalic resin which helps to provide excellent chemical resistance. If you have a specialist environment, then Vinyl Ester Grating may be a better choice for you.

We make sure all QuartzGrip® Fibreglass Gratings are made to ISO 9001 standards, with a high glass content for superior-load bearing capabilities. We also offer a range of clips and clamps to help you fix our Moulded Gratings to profiles and floors.

Looking for mesh that can protect pedestrians from moving machinery or block off restricted access – check out our Screen Guard Mesh here.

Mechanical Data

  • Elastic Modulus 27 GPa
  • Flexural Strength 2.8 GPa
  • Tensile Strength 650 MPa
  • Compressive Strength 90 MPa
  • Dielectric Strength 18 KW/mm
  • Specific Gravity 1.5 ÷ 1.7
  • Thermal Expansion Factor 13 x 10-6 mm/mm °C
  • Water Absorption 0.1% + 0.3% x 24 hours (ISO R62)
  • Operating Temperature -100°C to + 180°C

Physical Data

Grating Depth (mm)

Grating Pitch (mm) Bar Thickness Per 300mm of Width No. of Bars per 300mm % Glass Content Weight (kg/m2) % Open Area


Bottom cm2 cm3 cm4

EL kg/m2


38 6.5 5.5 11.5 4.91 6.24 119 8 32 12 69


38 6.5 5.5 17.6 10.6 21.38 275 8 32 18.2



50.8 7.9 6.4 20.1 16.8 42.8 6 32 21.7


Manufacturing Tolerances

  • Standard Panel Size = +2mm, -0mm
  • Cut Panel Size = ±3mm
  • Thickness = ±1mm
  • Mesh Pattern = ±0.5mm

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