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End runs of SafeRail? Handrailing with a pre-fabricated post.

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£37.50 (exc VAT)

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In between all the components and the completed sections, you’ll find End Posts and Intermediate Posts.

The End Posts are made from a GRP Box Profile post cut to 1100mm high and predrilled on one side with a hole large enough to take the end of the mid-rail, a Box Foot is then attached ready to be bolted to the floor. Buying posts instead of complete sections give you an advantage as you can choose the space between them and work around any obstacles that may prevent you from fitting a post at a fixed interval.

Once the End and Intermediate Posts are in place, all you need to do is join them together with Ergonomic Top Rail and Mid-Rail and you can add Kick Plate to stop items from rolling off the edge. Add SafeScreen Mesh to deter people from climbing.