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Ideal for beams and staircase construction, C-Section Profiles comply with BS EN 13706 E23/E17 standard. Sold in 6000mm lengths.

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GRP C-Section Profiles are ideal for beams. These profiles comply with BS EN 13706 E23/E17 standards. Here at DeckSafe, we stock and supply the beams in 6000mm lengths, but can cut them down if needed. For more details on our cutting services, see here.

The key features of our GRP C-Section Profiles are:

  • Exceptional strength: GRP is stronger than structural steel and has an excellent impact strength which reduces the damage caused by accidental collisions
  • Lightweight: our GRP profiles perform just as well as the steel and aluminium equivalents whilst weighing less. Our profiles weigh up to 80% less than steel and 30% less than aluminium
  • Corrosion resistant: normally GRP C-Section profiles are not affected by a variety of chemicals and corrosive environments, but we make sure the properties are enhanced by adding a synthetic surface veil to provide a rich resin layer.
  • Maintenance free: our corrosion resistant layer means there’s no need for painting or surface treatment
  • Low thermal conductivity: all our profiles have low thermal conductivity
  • Non-conductive: ideal for cable trays, ladders, cover boards, etc, our profiles are electrically non-conductive
  • Electromagnetic transparency: ideal for aerial masts and radar applications, our profiles are transparent to most electromagnetic waves
  • Dimensional stability: our profiles can withstand a wide range of temperatures and physical stresses and are resistant to stretching, warping and swelling
  • Thermal stability: GRP C-Section profiles can withstand exposure of up to 65 degrees Celsius

We offer a variety of other profiles. These include I-Beam, H-Beam, Tube, Box and Angle.

Physical Data

Dimensions (mm)

Thickness (mm) Colour Kg/linear metre

Kg/6m length

76 x 25

6 Grey 1.10


100 x 40

5 Grey 1.43


150 x 50

6 Grey 2.03


200 x 60

8 Grey 4.00