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GRP Profile Tubes are all made by the pultrusion process with high glass content and excellent mechanical properties. They are frequently used as part of Step on Safety’s SafeClamp GRP Handrail System.

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GRP Tube Profiles are created by the pultrusion process and has high glass content and excellent mechanical properties. Each profile has a barrier built in that makes it resistant to both corrosion and weathering. This ensures the structural profile has maximum long-term performance in all environments. They come stocked 6000mm lengths, but we do offer a cutting service – for details click here.

Each profile has many benefits to it, including:

  • Exceptional strength: pultruded profiles are stronger than steel, and the high impact strength of GRP reduces any damage that may be caused by accidental collisions
  • Lightweight: GRP tube profiles weigh 80% less than its steel counterparts and 30% less than aluminium. Even though there is less weight, the profiles provide a performance that is at an equivalent level
  • Corrosion resistant: although GRP is usually unaffected by exposure to chemicals and environments, they still have an added synthetic surface veil, which provides the profile with a resin rich layer which ultimately enhances the already excellent corrosion resistant properties
  • Maintenance free: the added corrosion resistant properties of FRP profiles remove the need for regular painting or surface treatment
  • Low thermal conductivity: all  GRP tube profiles have low thermal conductivity. They are around 1/250 of aluminium, and 1/60 of steel
  • Non-conductive: GRP Profiles are electrically non-conductive. This makes their specification ideal for cable trays, ladders, cover boards, etc.
  • Electromagnetic transparency: GRP is transparent to a range of electromagnetic frequencies which makes it ideal for aerial masts and radar applications.
  • Dimensional stability: GRP is resistant to all kinds of stretching, warping or swelling over a variety of temperatures and physical stresses
  • Thermal stability: these profiles are able to withstand exposure to temperatures of up to 65 degrees Celsius

We offer a range of other GRP Profiles. These include I-Beam, H-Beam, C-Section, Box and Angle.

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Dimensions (mm)

Thickness (mm) Colour Kg/linear metre

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50 x 50

6 Grey/Yellow 1.08