Phenolic Grating

Phenolic Grating

Grating made from Phenolic GRP is the latest and strongest version of GRP to date and is now routinely used in the most hostile of working environments, including oil refineries, oil platforms, underground mining, railways and in shipping. It has the maximum fire resistance and emits little smoke or toxic fumes when burning – critical in enclosed spaces.  Its reinforced structure can take exceptional loads – useful where large, uninterrupted spans need to be bridged.

As an offshore solution it has the added benefit of being immune to the effects that saltwater has on many materials. It’s also much lighter than steel equivalents making it easier, quicker and therefore cheaper to install.

As a specialist solution, most of our Phenolic Grating is produced to order so is often made in bespoke colours and sizes – whether as open mesh or with solid top. To discuss your specialist GRP requirements get in touch today.

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Safe at Sea

Safe at Sea

When an engineering company needed an urgent supply of GRP Solid Top panels, we got the usual lead time down from 12 weeks to...

Safe at Sea

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