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Maintenance Platforms

For multi-floor machinery or control panels and maintenance hatches that are installed in hard-to-reach places, gaining access safely can be a challenge. We can design, supply and install a wide variety of GRP Stairs, Gantries and Access Platforms, ranging in size from simple threshold steps to more intricate high-level platforms that ensure operational and maintenance crews remain safe at all times.

Our designers work with your basic site dimensions and using the latest AutoCAD® technology, create a design that meets your exact requirements.
All our fibreglass Stairs and Access Platforms are manufactured from heavy duty structural fibreglass pultruded profiles which, on a weight-for-weight basis, are around 80% lighter than conventional steel profiles and around 30% lighter than aluminium profiles. This exceptional weight saving provides positive cost-saving benefits because installation is so much quicker and easier. It also reduces the imposed loading on existing substrates, such as rooftops and mezzanines. We incorporate Tread Grating in the design of all our fibreglass Stairs and Access platforms. This stair tread is manufactured from 38mm thick grating with an integral solid reinforced nosing for optimal slip resistance. Every Stair and Access Platform we design and manufacture is corrosion and weather-resistant, which means it requires minimal maintenance, even if it’s located outside.

Choosing GRP to build permanent vehicle Maintenance Platforms is a smart choice all round;

  • GRP is low-maintenance and long-lasting
  • GRP mesh remains anti-slip even in wet or oily conditions
  • Using Mini or Micro Mesh GRP Grating ensure tools and fixings don’t fall through to lower levels if dropped
  • Hi-Vis Handrailing clearly identifies potential hazards, gates and stairs

We also have a variety of other access solutions in the utility industry, including, Bund Floors, Step Overs, Machine Guards, Mobile Access Platforms, Sump Covers, Access Stairs and Access Ramps.

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