Sump Covers

Sump Covers

Ideal for covering sumps, tanks, drains, manholes, trenches and pits, GRP Mesh – open or solid top – is corrosion-free, chemical and impact resistant and remains anti-slip even in wet or oily conditions. It’s also less than half the weight of the equivalent metal or concrete covers, making lifting it for maintenance access so much easier.

A sump pump and its cover are usually used in areas below ground that may flood often. Sump Pumps collects and redirects the water back out. The cover can prevent debris falling in and contaminating what is below. They can also keep pedestrians safe if the Sump is large enough

We can cut mesh to any shape or size and can add access hatches or hinges so it can be folded back. Standard or mini mesh versions will allow water to flow through whilst filtering litter and plant debris; solid top versions will keep all dirt and debris out and can also be made water-tight. Our QuartzGrip® Grating is stocked in green, yellow or grey but can be produced in any RAL colour you require.

We can produce covers to your own specification for you to install, or we can install them for you.

DeckSafe also has a range of other access solutions for the utility industry, including, Bund Floors, Maintenance Platforms, Step Overs, Machine Guards, Mobile Access Platforms, Access Stairs and Access Ramps.

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