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Mobile Access Platforms

Mobile Access Platforms (MAPs)

Typically seen at household waste & recycling centres, a Mobile Access Platform allows people to safely throw their refuse into containers while allowing operatives to move the steps easily from one container to another as they fill up.

It’s not just recycling centres that can benefit from a Mobile Access Platform. They can be built to any size so are ideal for providing flexible cleaning or maintenance access to machinery, lighting, ventilation systems or windows. Wheels are braked so while they’re in use they won’t move around.

GRP is much lighter than the steel equivalents, making the Mobile Access Platforms easier to manoeuvre while maintaining strength. It’s also anti-slip – even when wet, impact-resistant and won’t rust, so will last longer with little to no maintenance. All the materials used are self-coloured and UV-stable so won’t chip or fade. It’s much quieter to walk on too, helping to reduce noise on site.

DeckSafe’s MAPs are:

  • Designed to BS standards with 5kn/m2 loading
  • Braked wheels hold them in position while in use
  • GRP Grating and Stair Nosing remains anti-slip even when wet or oily
  • Non-corrosive, non-conductive and long-lasting
  • Lightweight, making them easy to manoeuvre into position
  • Allows safe access for cleaners, engineers and pedestrians
  • Easy to install and modular in design – can be supplied as full fabrication or in modules
  • Bespoke designs can include anti-climb Mesh, Safety Gates

DeckSafe also offers a range of other solutions in the utility industry, including, Bund Floors, Maintenance Platforms, Step Overs, Machine Guards, Sump Covers, Access Stairs and Access Ramps.

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